Business and technological processes transformation through integration with start-ups, innovators and developers

How it works

    Our format of corporate accelerator, focused on solving critical business needs and problems, allows us quickly and efficiently to introduce and use innovations from the open market to improve efficiency of your business by fast and creative respond to new prospects for market development.
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Run projects beneficial for your business

Techsensor calls for medium and large businesses to conduct joint accelerator programs for technological start-ups in industry sector to select, pilot and implement innovative solutions, with the subsequent investment and development of selected start-ups by techsensor.
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Effectively integrate
new technologies, venture
capital and business

Preparing for the acceleration program our team performs an audit of global technological solutions and trends, further assessing their impact on the company's business processes, and also makes recommendations on the economic feasibility of new solutions.

Transform a business in the following directions:

  • Artificial intelligent
  • Digital twins
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud technologies
  • Internet of Things
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Platform solutions
  • Collection and processing of Big data

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Your first step can grow into a large joint project